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  • 2022 ISPI Global Forum
    • 9 participants

    • Date: 2022-02-24 (Thu)  ~  2022-02-24 (Thu) 09:00 ~ 12:30

    • KAIST Official Youtube etc.

    • 2022-02-18 ~ 2022-02-24

    전략기술의 글로벌 경쟁현황과 기술지정학적 대응

    Grand Technology and Value Chain Strategy under the New Techno-geopolitical Paradigm



    1)전략기술을 중심으로 한 글로벌 및 국가 기술전략 방향 논의

    2)주요 핵심 전략기술의 글로벌 경쟁구도 제시

    3)핵심 및 전략기술의 글로벌 협력 전략과 방향 제시

    Established as KAIST’s Key Research Institute to provide innovation strategies and policy for global society, Innovation Strategy and Policy Institute (ISPI) pioneered an online international forum on global challenges. As an arena for insightful discussions of globally renowned experts, ISPI Global Forums have addressed important global issues such as global techno-geopolitical challenges and corresponding request of national and global strategic change.


    The upcoming second forum will explore the current issues of global technology and value chain strategy under the new techno-geopolitical paradigm.


    Opening Session

    Opening speech: Kwang-Hyung Lee, KAIST President

    Congratulatory speech: Woo Il Lee, President, Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies


    Session 1 전략기술의 글로벌 경쟁현황과 전략적 대응 방향

    Global Competition Landscape of Key Strategic Technology and National Response


    Session 2 글로벌 기술지정학적 변화와 글로벌 기술 및 밸류체인 전략 방향

    Global Techno-geopolitical Paradigm and Grand Shift of Global Technology and Value Chain Strategy

     ㅇ Keynote speakers :

     1. Josh Lerner (The Jacob H. Schiff Professor of Investment Banking, Harvard Business School)

     2. Kazuyuki Motohashi (Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo)

     3. Keun Lee (Vice-chairman, National Economic Advisory Council for the President of Republic of Korea, Distinguished Professor of Seoul National University)


    Closing Session

    Closing Speech: Wonjoon Kim, Director of KAIST ISPI



    The forum will be live-broadcast to global audience via links below. (Click 시 이동)