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Vision and Mission

The purpose of KAIST Center for Innovation Strategy and Policy (ISPI) is

  • 01

    to broaden our understanding of the changing landscape of innovation and entrepreneurship in our society and to enlighten the direction towards where our society and industry should step forward through rigorous research on unexplored emerging innovation issues of our society in collaboration with leading scholars of the world

  • 02

    to enhance our understanding of emerging innovations and their evolution and interaction with our society and industry from the perspective of strategy and policy through active communication with leaders from various areas of our society ISPI also aims

  • 03

    to illuminate the future of transformation of an economy including Korea as well as firms and other organizations under the new innovation paradigm of digitization and industrial revolution.

The vision is to become one of leading research organizations in innovation and entrepreneurship areas contributing to the Schumpeterian evolution of our society.


In order to achieve this goal, ISPI pursues following activities:

  • Promotion of collaborative research among members (ISPI Research Group)
  • International conference support (AIEA-NBER Conference Series)
  • Annual ISPI Workshop
  • ISPI Boot Camp on Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • ISPI Seminar Series on Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • ISPI Awards on Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • ISPI Working Paper Series on Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • ISPI Global Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge sharing and learning activity with private and public sectors leaders
  • Small group forum series with leaders in private and public sectors
  • Knowledge dissemination (U-tube, FB, LinkedIn, etc.)