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Message from Director

Professor WonJoon Kim

KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology)School of Business and Technology Management &
Graduate School of Innovation and Technology Management
291, Daehak-ro, Yusoeng-gu, Daejeon 305-701, Korea


  • +82-(0)42-350-4336

The world is entering into a new stage where technology, business, and society are merged with innovation. Under the unprecedented rapid innovation of computation and data communication capability, the world is facing a world with more mobile, more connected, and smarter than ever. As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes smarter, they are changing their traditional role as productivity tools and taking on more complex decision-making and central tasks. Electric-vehicle industry began to take off and charging infrastructure became widely available in major regions, cars with AI began to be realized. The automotive and mobility industries transforming from a driver- or owner-focused value proposition to a customer-centered one. As micromobility started to scale up and a hyper-connected world becomes more ubiquitous in which the internet is becoming necessity like electricity. In other word, the world is becoming more global, immersive, ambient, connected. These new innovation paradigms we face are bringing more complexity to our society and industry with unexplored new opportunities and risks.

The purpose of KAIST Innovation Strategy and Policy Institute (ISPI) is to become a guiding light for our society and industry by enlightening the direction towards where our society and industry should step forward through rigorous research on unexplored emerging innovation issues of our society in collaboration with leading scholars of the world, by enhancing our understanding of emerging innovations and their evolution and interaction with our society and industry from the perspective of strategy and policy through active communication with leaders from various areas of our society. KAIST CIFS also aims to provide sound advises for innovation strategy and policy for those organizations and nations searching for better future under new innovation paradigms.

Under fast changing landscapes of innovation, I believe KAIST ISPI efforts to provide key platform for research, collaboration, communication, and advise in innovation strategy and policy for international society will significantly contribute to the advancement of our society and industry in innovation and value creation.