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Data-Driven Social Science Research Group

This research group explores the economics and management issues of innovation and entrepreneurship based on data-driven analysis approaches that include machine learning, natural language process, text mining, network analysis. By doing so, the group tries to identify the unique and valuable findings that has not been found with traditional approaches in social science.

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    글로벌 AI 혁신경쟁: 현재와 미래 [관심있으신 분들은 이메일로 요청해 주시면 감사합니다.]

    김원준, 김진우, 김하나, 김태균 / 2021 / KAIST CISP & Clarivate

  • Prof. Kyoung Ryul Park

    KAIST Graduate School of Science and Technology Policy

  • Prof. Alex Coad

    Waseda University Business School

  • Prof. Hyejin Youn

    Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management

  • Prof. Kiho Kwak

    Pukyong National University Graduate School of Management of Technology

  • Senior Fellow, Dr. Jinwoo Kim

    KAIST Center for Innovation Strategy and Policy

  • Prof. Jeff Furman

    Boston University Questrom School of Business

  • Prof. Hawoong Jeong

    KAIST Department of Physics

  • Prof. Scott Stern

    MIT Sloan School of Management

  • Prof. Ji Yong Eom

    KAIST School of Business and Technology Management

  • Prof. Minki Kim

    KAIST Department of Management Engineering

  • Prof. Insong Kim

    MIT Department of Political Science

  • Prof. Wonjoon Kim

    KAIST School of Business and Technology Management